anal massage helps to relieve tension to let you relax more  
Anal and Prostate Massage  
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gentle anal massage with breathing gets you into your body

I encourage the client to breath so the anal massage is more pleasurable


The ANUS consists of two sets of muscles called inner and outer sphincter. Each has a specific function in our elimination process. The sphincter muscles need to be exercised like any other muscle: slow smooth strokes - to relax and relieve tension. Contraction as in the use of Kegels improves tone and a massage session increases greater blood flow for healthier muscle tissue.

Tension seems to build up in our body from the shoulders down to our (glutes) butt. If we don’t actively create release of this built-up tension we may set our selves up for issues calling for medical help. Hemorrhoids are such an issue. I read that gentle massage is good for those experiencing hemorrhoids as well as a precaution against the condition.

The entire pelvic region becomes attachment points for many muscles. Massage of the lower back, sacral area, glutes and thighs becomes an essential area for tension release and good muscle care. My massage workout for this area is Called Waking Up The Neighbourhood. I work from the outside (lower back, thighs) towards the centre.

The PROSTATE is a small spongy form filled with blood. Fresh blood helps keep the prostate healthy. We can increase blood flow thru massage. Inflammation of the prostate may include prosthetitus. Gentle massage may give some relief and increase blood flow.

Erogenous Zones
Both the anus and the prostate may be considered erogenous zones. Massage can raise erotic energy which can be moved through the body by conscious breathing. This energy resides in the body after the completion of the massage for a greater sense of inner peace.

Developed by Dr Arnold Kegel for assisting pregnant women to control their bladder, this concept is used by men to develop the PC muscle (pubococcygeal) The PC muscle is the one you would use when trying to stop urination in mid stream.

Try this: Inhale deeply. On the exhale, clench the PC muscle tightly. Relax on another inhale and then clench on the exhale. Repeat in an easy rhythm. Set your goal to do 50 or 100 every day and divide into units and times and places, e.g. while stopped for a red light, 25 as part of your morning meditation program or 25 as preparation for sleep.

Regular Kegel practice also nurtures the prostate gland by creating a gentle squeeze since it sits adjacent to the PC muscle. This practice encourages greater blood flow through the prostate. The Kegel action also strengthens the PC muscle for stronger erections.

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