PAUL BARBER  Massage Practitioner
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Benefits of Massage



Regular massage impacts on many levels: circulation, elimination, relaxation, mobility, pain management, calming the nervous system
• aids in reduction of stress, promotes relaxation
• uses breath as a natural assistant to the session, increases oxygen intake
• addresses joints to promote greater range of motion, improve posture
• may decrease healing time from injuries: muscles & ligaments
• improve both lymph and blood circulation; possibly lower blood pressure
• from the inside: improves posture; from the outside: nurtures the skin
• promotes clearer thinking; alertness, stress reduction


Often a surprise, massage can release emotional tension held in the body. I am aware of and honour this experience on the table. Whether you laugh, or cry, or feel angry, just be with your feelings and let the massage continue - note what you are feeling. This is safe, respectful "loving touch" you are receiving.

• calms and induces relaxation.
• enhances a mind/body awareness
• emotional issues can melt away for positive well being
• reduced anxiety enhances self respect
• sexual arousal may happen and is honoured. This is not about shame and neither is it perceived as a sexual advance.
• a time to shut down the videoes of the mind and just be "in the moment".


• become fully embodied to touch
• become heart-centred as your focus



We are reminded that our being is the compilation of Mind, Spirit, Body. We can not massage the body without awareness and respect of mind and spirit.

For those who desire it, this practice encourages personal ritual within its space: shamanic, crystals, music, candles, blessings... and above all, use of voice to express emotions. Ask for what is needed for the session.