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A breath mediation for relaxation and rest. Remember, a practice is just that - a set time for the practice and repeat with absolute regularity (at least 21 days or more for a practice to lock in).
This can be done alone or with a partner with one the breather and one the coach or facilitator.

INHALE - a deep belly intake of air filling the lungs to capacity
EXHALE - a soft exhale with a sound line “A, E, I, O” not pushing the air out but letting it fall out gently
- exhale with a gentle sound as a way of staying mindful of your breath.

We have 6 special energy centres in our body. I will call them energy centres #1 thru #6.
Number 1 - located at the base of your spine - a point on the perineum would be fine as a focal point.
Number 2 - located in the area of the genitals.
Number 3 - located near the belly button
Number 4 - located mid chest in the heart region
Number 5 - located at the throat
Number 6 - located mid forehead
Number 7 - located top of the crown.

There are 2 external energy sources:
Mother Earth- from the centre of the earth - core energy
And that of Father Sky - from the universe - spiritual energy

We start with inhaling the energy of Mother Earth, who sustains us,.
Inhale energy up from the ground and into the soles of your feet. Exhale softly and without forcing the air out.
Continued a second inhale bringing this energy - consciously/mindfully - up to your calfs. Easy exhale.
Inhale up through the feet, the calfs and into your thighs. Exhale.
Finally, up the the first energy point at the base of the spine or energy point #1. Exhale a soft breath.
REPEAT. Take 3 repeated breaths to each location before moving on to the next.

Continued with the breath and place your hands/fingers at each energy point for three breaths at each point. Energy points are noted above # 1 thru # 7.
At point 5, leave hand one at the heart (4) and placed the other at the throat (5).
Continue with one hand on heart and other - 2 fingers - at the brow (6).
With hand on heart, place fingers on crown

NOW - with one hand on heart and the other arm placed beside the head and arm pointing in line with the body from the top of the head (7)
Inhale Mother Earth energy up to the feet and thru the body and exhale out thru the top of the head (crown).
At the seventh, I suggested that this points to Father Sky - our Spiritual connection. You are exhaling your energy out to Father Sky.

Check in with the body. What are you feeling/sensing?
Are you aware of any thoughts or messaging coming from this breath pattern?

Inhale the energy of Father Sky with three breaths into the crown (7)
Continued with 3 breaths from Father Sky down to the 6th energy point and 2 finger.
Continued with breath into the throat (5) - the heart (4) belly button (3), the pubic area (2) to the base of spine (1) and finally to the feet.
Finally, Inhale Father Sky energy into the crown and our thru the feet to a place in the earth.

You can continue this meditation by consciously breathing IN Mother Earth up thru the feet and continuing the intake breath up to the crown where you will exhale OUT softly with a sound. You are a hollow tube thru which the energy of Mother Earth passes on a journey to Father Sky.
Do this three times and then reverse inhaling Father Sky down to the feet and out to Mother Earth.
I would call this running energy thru the body.

Check in with your body. How are you feeling? What are you noticing?

There is more to be added to this starting structure for a breath mediation.