PAUL BARBER  Massage Practitioner  
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Guidelines for Massage


As the recipient, you will have some awareness of what you would like to receive during your session: stilling your hectic life for a short time, learning regular and deep breathing, receiving a full-body massage for energy and improved circulation, attention to specific areas of the body, etc.

I will inquire as to your general and specific health: possible injuries, tender or sore spots and areas of focus. Conversation is encouraged at the beginning of the massage and when I need more information during the session. Otherwise, you are encouraged to relax, breathe deeply and allow me that quiet to listen to your body. Of course, if there is discomfort, don't endure it.

 The massage studio will be quite warm. You will be asked to undress to your level of comfort since the technique of draping will not be used for modesty. Towels and sheets are always available when extra warmth is needed and I am respectfully dressed.





Most sessions will start with range of motion for hips, legs and arms followed by dry and then wet work on skin, muscles and joints using various massage techniques. Regular breathing allows you the freedom to move your body easily and triggers further relaxation.

Appropriate music plays throughout your session and you are invited to honour your time on the table by remaining wrapped in your sheet and just letting things "be". Shower facilities are available but natural body oils are good for the start of the massage.

It's All About You!