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PAUL BARBER  Massage Practitioner  
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Power, Surrender and Intimacy


This is based on SM practice with one major consideration. One person has all the power and one person gives up all their power. The focus of this work is the INTIMATE relationship that exists between the two people during play. My role as top is to safely take my bottom to that place he wants to go.

Many people who live their days in high power (stress) situations actually find the best way to relax is to give up their power to another person. It becomes a mini vacation from responsibility and obligation. The one giving up their power (bottom) simply takes instruction from the one with the power (top) and does what is asked and without question. Safety is established so the bottom always has the option to stop.

Some techniques I use in sessions:
ROPE HARNESS: Rope is laced about the body making patterns that support and confine. Removal, after a period of time, allows the bottom to experience a sense of freedom and expansion. Discussion of life experiences that have already created a sense of being bound (parents, school, religion) can be part of role playing during this session.

ROPE AND CONFINEMENT: Some people need to be stopped in their tracks if they are ever to smell the roses or hear the train. Confinement with the use of rope, cuffs, chains, blind fold to an object such as a chair, table or chains may be what you are looking for. All sessions start with the client setting an intention. I work with both the intention and the client during the session.

FLOGGING: This is a form of body percussion instilling rhythm and breath. It is also about raising the energy level of the skin’s surface. Sustained breathing and increased sensation can move the receiver to an altered state. It is very important that the top keep in contact with his bottom and to nurture and praise him at the end of the session.